UDID and How to Find UDID of iphone device ?

What is UDID ?

UDID is like a serial number & all devices (iphone and ipad) have its unique UDID. It’s contains 40 characters having alphanumeric digits(only small case letter). For ex. : 2b6f0cc904d137ce2e2756235f5664094b831186

How I get My UDID ?

You can get UDID from Mac and Windows

For Mac Users

1st Way

Step 1 : Connect your device (iphone / ipad)  to mac system with USB cable .

Step 2 : Launch Itunes App from Mac .

Step 3 : In left side , your device name should locate (ensure that you are on Summary Tab) after clicking on device , it’s locate the all detail information about your device , including its name , capacity , software version , serial number and phone number in the right side pane .

Step 4 : Click on serial number to reveal identifier field (it’s hidden behind serial number).

Step 5 : Here it’s your UDID ( identifier) copy it and used it .

2nd Way

Step 1: Connect your ios device to your Mac . You Can use the system reoport tool on your Mac to find the UDID without having to use itunes.

Step 2 : Click the Apple menu.

Step 3 : Click on “About this Mac”.

Step 4 : Click the “System Report” button. On older Macs , click “More Info” and then “System Report”.

Step 5 : Click the “USB” entry in the “Hardware section”. It’s usually at the bottom of the list.

Step 6 : Click your iOS device in the “USB device tree”.

Step 7 : Find the “Serial Number” entry. Even though it’s labeled “ Serial Number,” this is the device’s UDID.

For Windows User

Step 1 : Connect your device (iphone / ipad)  to mac system with USB cable .

Step 2 :  Go to Start -> search “Device Manager” and open it OR Open control panel from right click on “My computer Icon on desktop” -> device manager

Step 3 : In device Manager Interface , look at the left pane and expand portable devices -> open apple iphone device .

Step 4 : one pop up will open(iphone properties) and in that click 3rd tab of  “deatils” then select “device distance path”.

Step 5 : it will show path in value section

For ex :                            USB\VID_05AC&PID_12A8\56ghvbnjmk8757ghbkiu2222556hgf01hoagshnks

This Bold patch is Your iphone’s  UDID

Thank You !

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