Find whole line that contains word with php regular expressions

You want to search for a word “vikram” in a text along with the whole line in which this word appears, no worry following is the solution ;). We would be using php regular expressions for this.

A simpler pattern would be ‘/^.*\bvikram\b.*$/m’

Explanation for regex :

That is, from the start of a line (^) match 0 or more of any character (.*), a word-boundary (\b), the word “vikram”, another word boundary, another series of characters, and the end of the line ($), matching over multiple lines (m modifier).

Here’s a proof-of-concept, finding the entire middle line which contains the word:

Code :


$lines ="This is a test
for finding the word vikram in a
bunch of lines of text";

$pattern = "/^.*\bvikram\b.*$/m";

$matches = array();
preg_match($pattern, $lines, $matches);



Output :

array(1) {
string(33) "for finding the word vikram in a "

Vikram Pawar

Vikram Pawar

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