Restrict Sales to Specific U.S. States in WooCommerce

Limit the U.S. states in which your WooCommerce website sells. This lets you restrict sales to only certain states. This postshows you how to include only specific states that can purchase from your WooCommerce website. The code below is a modified version that includes a full list of U.S. states. To limit sales to customers in specific states, remove the states you do not want to sell…
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Rewrite taxonomy in wordpress url

How to Rewrite taxonomy in wordpress url? Many a time we code the taxonomy in wordpress but later want to change it in the wordpress URL or many a times you see the taxonomy in template which you need to change it to something else. I wondered how to change but later find…
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How to get Google reCAPTCHA site key & secret key?

Contact form 7 plugin has started using google reCAPTCHA instead of earlier captcha. Following are the steps to get your reCAPTCHA site & secret key for using it in plugin Step 1 : Login to Go to Click on get reCAPTCHA Step 2 : Register the Site Step 3: You got your site key and secret key for using it Step 4 : Use the above site…
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wpDiscuz not showing up

If you too are frustrated with wpDiscuz not showing up in your custom theme (theme you build from scratch or using any other theme from default wordpress themes), then I may help you to cool down a bit. It took me lot of google and then finally code tracking from wordpress…

How to determine if I'm on the first page of pagination?

Common question for coders ,How do I determine if I’m on the very first page of pagination? Many a times coders want to run a function or code some functionality only on the first page of the pagination, following code will help you to achieve this. // get current page we are on. If not set we can assume we are on page 1. $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged')…
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