Server Settings

connect to machine present at google cloud

  1. connect to google cloud
  2. create ssh key
    ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa -f pranali_spryox
  3. Go to .ssh and open and copy copy content
  4. Go to project compute engine -> vm instance on google cloud
  5. Go to metadata tab and add cotent copied in setp 3
  6. In order to connect server via ssh use command
    ssh -i ~/.ssh/pranali_spryox pranali@
    this will prompt you for password which has been created in step 2
  7. In order to server via filezilla we need to add private key i.e pranali_spryox in SFTP section of file preferences in filezilla.
    In order to create ppk from private key, you can use puttygen tool or directly upload private key.
    if you directly upload private key filezilla will ask you to convert to ppk which solve the purpose.
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