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wpDiscuz not showing up

If you too are frustrated with wpDiscuz not showing up in your custom theme (theme you build from scratch or using any other theme from default wordpress themes), then I may help you to cool down a bit.

It took me lot of google and then finally code tracking from wordpress comments_tempalte() function to know this fix.

wpDiscuz is using following hook while constructing class WC_Core

add_action(‘wp_head’, array(&$this, ‘init_current_post_type’));

Now the function “init_current_post_type” is the actual function which will hook the wpDiscuz comment form with the comments_tempalte and it will execute only if you have wp_head() in head section of your theme.

So if you are not having it, kindly add following line just above </head> and vola…..I made your day.

<?php wp_head(); ?>

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